33rd America’s Cup – Port not right for cup storm

October 2009

ICONS CONSULTING: 33rd America’s Cup – Port not right for cup storm

AN AMERICAN judge has ruled that the Ras al-Khaimah port in United Arab Emirates cannot host the America’s Cup based on the 19th-century document that governs sailing’s marquee regatta.

The decision by Justice Shirley Kornreich of the New York State Supreme Court is a blow to two-time defending champion Alinghi of Switzerland. The Swiss picked the Persian Gulf port for their February showdown against American challenger BMW Oracle Racing.

Kornreich said her decision was based on the stipulation in the 1887 Deed of Gift that the America’s Cup cannot be sailed in the northern hemisphere between Nov. 1 and May 1, not on concerns by the Americans that RAK was unsafe due to its proximity to Iran.

The rare one-on-one showdown in massive multi-hulled boats now appears headed to Valencia, Spain, unless the bitter rivals can agree on another port that complies with the Deed of Gift. In that case, it would have to be in the Southern Hemisphere.

Although Valencia is in the northern hemisphere, neither side objected earlier in the court fight to holding the best-of-three series in the Spanish port. Valencia hosted the 2007 America’s Cup.

Kornreich said she ruled from the bench Tuesday to speed an expected appeal by the Swiss.

The best-of-three series is scheduled to begin February 8.

Alinghi’s choice of RAK has been the most contentious issue in a convoluted, two-year court fight between Silicon Valley maverick Larry Ellison of Oracle Corp and Swiss biotech mogul Ernesto Bertarelli. Ellison owns BMW Oracle Racing and Bertarelli owns Alinghi.

Soon after the Swiss picked RAK in early August, Ellison raised concerns because the sailing would take place about 130km from Iran’s coastline.


Italconcept – Wood Industry



With over 73 years of experience in the Wood Industry, ITALCONCEPT are experts in manufacturing Wood Laminates and related products for giving Clients the best competitive advantage. Both for structural and ornamental applications, the possibilities and advantages of laminated materials are significant and provide solutions to product requirements generally not achievable by using a single material.

List of products:

  • Beams
  • Profiles
  • Fire rated doors
  • Doors
  • Composite Veneer
  • Pergola, Veranda, Car Parks and Portable cabins
  • Sandwich panels
  • Furniture
  • Exhibition Stands

For more info please e-mail info@iconsfze.com or download the full information from our Companies Download section.

New World Class Exclusive Resort


First International


ICONS FZE – Innovative Concepts & Solutions

to carry out the feasibility study and pre-qualification of contractors and suppliers for the development, construction and management of a World Class Exclusive and Unique Resort Complex to be built in the Uinited Arab Emirates. A go to destination for unparalleled leisure and luxurious living.

The key elements that will identify the project and are also to be considered the milestones for the feasibility study are:

  • Identification of the most appropriate location for erecting the World Class Exclusive and Unique Resort Complex
  • Identification of Innovative Tourism and Marketing concepts
  • Identification of Innovative and attractive investment packages focused on a balanced approach of Real Estate investments, Tourism, Ownership, Cost free living and Eco friendly solutions
  • Utilization of the most modern Green Building Techniques
  • Utilization of zero emission, carbon free and environmental safeguarding technologies
  • Identification of the most appropriate Management organization
  • Identification of eventual local partners
  • Identification, pre-qualification and selection of suppliers, contractors and subcontractors

and any other requirement that ICONS FZE should deem necessary for achieving a state of the art, world class and successful – 5 Star World Class Exclusive and Unique Resort Complex.

The project will include 2,000 Waterfront Villa’s, Floating Villa’s, Luxury Hotels, Hotel apartments, Town Houses and Apartment units (in a complete harmonized project) on an estimated land extension of 100 Hectares. The 5 Star World Class Exclusive and Unique Resort Complex will also include Yacht Marinas, Sporting facilities, commercial areas, shopping centers and shopping malls, studied for appropriately serving the new community.

The architectural design and construction solutions of the buildings will be innovative and compliant to the latest green building specifications and of course reflect the maximum safety standards.

For the UAE region, the style will be Arabic and will distinguish itself for its simple, essential and unique local Arabic theme.

Along the side of the Arabic Style and Architecture, the Finishing will blend in the theme and reflect a comfortable living space with colours, lights, water themes and details that will leave the resident and / or visitor with a never ending memory of excellence and good taste.

The infrastructure will be designed to facilitate the residents and visitors with the right innovative services in order to reduce commutes to a minimum. The correct planning of the general services will be strategic to reach this goal. The road network will be designed to accommodate adequate service roads, mainstream roads and local roads. Water transportation will also be designed and given a priority over ground transportation wherever and whenever feasible.

An Authentic destination where people can live a real experience made of relaxation, enjoyment, history and culture. The visitors will enjoy the heritage combined with activities such as: watersports, from sailing and deep sea fishing to romantic cruises, waterskiing, scuba diving, kayaking, wind surfing, yachting, SPA’s, health care centers, beauty centers, relax and massage centers. Outdoor living all year round and great life by the water.

A fantastic life experience.

EIS Business Info Center


Business Intelligence – Software services and solutions

  • SAP Business Objects: BI Platform
  • Business Objects XI 3.0
  • SAP: Interactive Dashboards
  • SAP: Data extractions with Data Services XI 3.0
  • SAP Business Intelligence Solutions
  • POA III: SAP Strategy Management
  • VERICOM: Verified Communication, an effective/efficient communication process with feedback mechanism

Basket – Pallacanestro Varese

SPONSOR PLAN 09-10 (english version)_Pagina_01

SPONSOR PLAN 09-10 (english version)_Pagina_02bis

A great opportunity for investing in the younger generations future and generate 360° social interest. Palacanestro Varese is available for a friendly match in the United Arab Emirates (details to be agreed and defined).

The Team, Partners and Sponsors of “Pallacanestro Varese” would be glad to meet with potential Sponsors in the United Arab Emirates in order to spring new synergies and interests to both parties and territories.

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Q:     Why do I have to pay the PLATINUM-Funding Subscription Admin Fee?

A:     The PLATINUM-Funding subscription admin fee is intended to contribute to admin charges related to the project / funding-request submission and registration. However, it is not the reason for its implementation. Being such an insignificant amount, the main purpose for its introduction is to test the grounds of commitment of the requesting party (The Proponent). In the PLATINUM-Funding-committee view, if the admin fee is creating a barrier for the submission, the assumption is that the project / funding-request is most likely not worth pursuing as The Proponent is not ready to commit for it with pocket change. In this case, it is the PLATINUM-Funding-committee view that the amount of work, time and resources required to evaluate the submitted proposals are better spent with project / funding requests that The Proponents are committed to and have the determination to stand for.

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A:     To register with Icons website is quick, simple and easy. Visit the following registration link and take a minute to fill in the registration template in order for us to give you a better service in return. This membership is completely FREE OF CHARGE and it instantly unfolds to a new world of opportunity. Once you have registered, please check your e-mail box for our notification of Your username and password. You will be kindly asked to confirm your registration by connecting to a “Confirm Registration” link. For more information on the the benefits of registering please Click here.


Affordable Wound Healing

October 2009


All wounds can now be healed. Infection is stopped, new skin is sensitive and elastic and scars are reduced. And at a cost that all can afford. This is not magic. The technique uses sound waves called Shock Waves that are also used to break kidney stones. CellSonic Ltd has launched its CellSonic Medical machine at a price about one third of anything similar on the market. This means that patients who were previously left to suffer can now be treated. A treatment takes about ten minutes and can be repeated once a week according to the severity of the wound. For patients undergoing surgery, the treatment can be before, during or after the operation. Plastic surgeons use shock waves to reduce the scars.

The CellSonic Medical also treats sports injuries such as heel spur, tennis elbow and calcified shoulder. Broken bones are healed and there are other amazing applications such as Peyronies disease.

The CellSonic Medical machine has taken six years to develop. By value, it is three quarters British. The design, assembly and testing to the highest ISO standards are done in India from where it is exported world wide. Research into new applications for shock waves continues and CellSonic are working on killing viruses in the body. It is thus ironic that a last minute hold up of the launch of the machine was caused by the swine flu virus hitting the moulding company making a vital new component for the shock head. Whether CellSonic succeeds in hitting viruses in the body remains to be seen but meanwhile millions of people suffering from wounds, including diabetic ulcers which were never healing, can now be cured.

Please email info@iconsfze.com for further information.


Technological plants



Design and realization of technological plants worldwide  Facilities planning and realization.  SIEV is an ICONS “Registered and Qualified Partner / Services Supplier”

SIEV BANNER 15 OCT 2009 copia

Customer reference list:

Amongst SIEV’s prestigious Customers, you will find leading companies operating in different fields, like: Industry, large distribution system, sport facilities, hospitals, office and warehouse facilities, hotels, commercial centers, supermarkets, shopping Malls, chemical industry, aeronautics, banks and many more.

Just to mention some of them:

  • 3F Chimica
  • Alenia Aermacchi
  • Agusta Westland
  • Arcobaleno
  • Ashland Italia
  • Askoll Holding
  • Ats Color
  • Banca Popolare di Lodi
  • Basf
  • Baxi
  • BTicino
  • C.C.I.A.A. Varese (Chamber of Commerce for Industry, Agriculture and Craftsmanship)
  • Cagiva
  • Cariplo
  • Cartiera Cariolaro
  • Cartiera Fedrigoni
  • Calzaturificio di Varese
  • CCA Ltd Union Center Club House – Canouan (Isle Granadines)
  • CCR Euroatom
  • Ceccato
  • Centro Commerciale Drag Metal – Yakutsk (Repubblica Sakha – Siberia)
  • Centro Commerciale Mandi (Afragola)
  • Centro Commerciale Mandi – Zagabria (Croazia)
  • Centro Commerciale Mandi – Spalato (Croazia)
  • Centro Congressi Ville Ponti
  • Centro Polifunzionale Rovigo Ovest
  • Clinica – Stary Oskol (Russia)
  • Colacem
  • Compagnia Italiana Costruzioni
  • Conforama Italia
  • Crespi
  • Croce Rossa Italiana
  • Cromital
  • Diesel
  • East Swiss Bank – Riga (Lettonia)
  • Ekipo
  • Emilpress
  • Enel
  • Finmoda
  • Flexa Films
  • Gallazzi SpA
  • Gloria Jeans
  • Gruppo EmmeZeta
  • GS Supermercati
  • Harbour Club Milano
  • Henkel
  • Hotel Ishim – Stary Oskol (Russia)
  • Hotel President – Yakutsk (Repubblica Sakha – Siberia)
  • I.N.D.A.
  • IMF
  • INCA Cosmetici
  • Ipercoop – Osijek (Croazia)
  • Italo Cremona
  • Ithitex
  • Jeans Wash Company
  • Lanerossi
  • Laverda
  • LTV
  • Levi Strauss
  • Lindt & Sprungli
  • Lowara
  • M.B.M.
  • Mair Research
  • Malerba
  • Malpensafiere
  • Maglificio Dama (Paul & Shark)
  • Matex
  • MCS Bigstar
  • MAM Collettori
  • Marzotto
  • Mascar
  • Merlett Tecnoplastica
  • Metalsinter
  • Missoni
  • Mondadori
  • MV Agusta Motor
  • Nuova Gamidal
  • Nuova Isotex
  • ORV
  • Paolo Crespi comc. Wolskwagen
  • Palastampa
  • Palastampa Torino
  • Parke Davis
  • Prealpi
  • RFT
  • Rimar
  • Rina
  • Rossignol
  • Rovall
  • S.E.A.
  • Sira Group
  • Sistema Ecodeco Uk Ltd – Lochar Moss (United Kingdom)
  • Sperotto
  • Standa Commerciale
  • Standa Supermercati
  • Stradaioli Costruzioni
  • Telwin
  • Tigros Supermercati
  • Università Cattaneo – Liuc
  • USAG
  • Valdossola Shopping Center