Our Services

Most  people have taken some steps to address their financial concerns, but many feel that more can be done. The problem is that most people do not have the ability to distance themselves from immediate concerns, the expertise to know what opportunities are the best, or the time to look at all possibilities.

At ICONS INTERNATIONAL GROUP, we work together with our Clients with four central tenets guiding us:

  • 1. Our Clients interest always comes first
  • 2. Take risks worth taking
  • 3. Every dollar counts
  • 4. Increase the chances of success

Frequently, investor sentiment toward a particular project, security or asset class can be carried to an extreme, affecting its valuation such that it embodies overly optimistic or pessimistic expectations. By employing a qualitative and analytical discipline that removes the emotion from the investment decision, we can consistently and successfully identify advantageous opportunities for our Clients. We will expose our Clients only to the best of those opportunities in the market according to our expertise in the development of International Business Opportunities, Capital Ventures, Joint Ventures, Projects, Acquisitions, New Company setup’s, or growth stock sector rather than on traditional institutional picks.

Icons International Group is actively engaged in a number of services which are specially aimed to cross border investments and company expansion programs. Our duty is to inform, support, train, help manage and develop enterprises, companies or individuals skills that intend to invest in innovation, emerging markets and new technologies through:

  • Green field ventures by assisting foreign companies that wish to establish a manufacturing facility, office or business in emerging markets by seeking the necessary licenses, permits and by conducting the required negotiations with the relevant government authorities for the establishment of the proposed factory, manufacturing plant, trade company or service company. We specialise in assisting companies to setup operations in new geographical locations.
  • Business start up consulting – Support, advice and consultancies in international company formation and setting up.
  • Feasibility studies and market analysis.
  • Project managementPlanning, organization and managing of resources in order to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.
  • Business plans short term tactics and long term strategies.
  • Budget planning and monitoring.
  • Strategic industrial & commercial advice – Innovative concepts & solutions – Applied technology. Finalization of strategies for international market penetration.
  • Conducting Due Diligence on behalf of Clients for companies they wish to merge with, acquire, form Joint Ventures with or other business relationships.
  • Developing Foreign Market Entry Strategies by assisting companies that wish to enter foreign markets with the most appropriate strategy after discussing the Clients needs and objectives. Develop efficient sales networks.
  • The identification of the appropriate strategic alliance partner, or merger / acquisition target, or the appropriate agent, distributor and segment.
  • The identification of investors, funds or resources for developing new business ideas.
  • Investment consulting – At Icons we provide high quality research and advice to our Clients. Our Investment Consulting comes from many years’ experience in the industry and we cater to our clients objectives. We leverage specialists knowledge, managerial capabilities, fund managers, independent advisers, financial planners, and research specialists. We vary our services to suit the widely varying needs of our Clients and the regulatory environment in which they operate. We also assist with the structuring and monitoring of the investments, using our performance and style-based analytics to identify the appropriate tools. We also provide performance reporting modules.
  • The identification of existing competitors in the markets concerned and potential new competitors. Managerial myopia in identifying competitive threats is a well recognized phenomenon. Identifying such threats is particularly problematic, since they may  arise from substitutability on the supply side as well as on the demand side. Managers or companies who focus only on the product market arena in scanning their competitive environment may fail to notice threats that are developing due to the resources and latent capabilities of indirect or potential competitors. At Icons we bring together insights from the fields of strategic management and marketing to develop a simple but powerful set of tools for helping managers overcome this common problem. At Icons we benchmark with competition.
  • Market Analysis – Specific market analysis that address customers needs for products, services, investments or other.
  • Business management & consulting services – We provide administrative consultancies and studies to public departments and companies such as administrative performance analysis, procedural engineering, laying out flow-charts and related documents circulation, internal policy formulation, organizational restructuring, strategic plans development, innovative work procedures, designing balanced score cards and any other Ad Hoc consultancy that our Clients may require on specific projects.
  • Marketing research and consultancies, comprehensive high-end modern communication concepts – Our services are extended but not limited to conducting field surveys and questionnaires to explore the opinion of the customers, producers and distributors on goods and services in order to deliver results which could further assist in the commodity marketing, pricing, advertising and distribution. Our marketing efforts for our clients are extended to strategic, supporting and operative marketing. We endeavour to raise companies image, enhance brands and improve their communication strategies.
  • Commercial information services – We are strongly engaged in collecting information on establishments and companies and businessmen as well as the commercial opportunities and programs and make such information available to interested parties in full respect of the applicable privacy laws.
  • International Networking services with the objective of bridging opportunities between companies and professionals on products and markets on a local and international scale. Generate qualified sales leads (B2B).

The above services are not exhaustive and are only intended to be a quick reference guide for our Clients convenience.