Emirates Farm For Agriculture (EFALP)

ICONS CONSULTING: The Emirates Farm For Agriculture and Live Stock Production (EFALP) of Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates produces first quality Capsicums, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Cauliflower.

A trustworthy producer and supplier, reliable on its commitments and with the objective of building a strong and binding relationship with its Clients.

In a global market in which an efficient logistics can reach any and every little community worldwide, Emirates Farm For Agriculture can guarantee high quality fresh produce at your doorstep.

For importers, distributors or Supermarkets we are ready to make sample shipments to introduce you to our high quality standard of agricultural produce and we are sure to be competitive in the market.

We have been certified by TUV NORD INTEGRA bvba, member of TUV Nord Group, and comply with the stringent GLOBAL G.A.P. (EUREPGAP) certifications.



































For any enquiry please contact our agent ICONS FZE by sending an e-mail at the following address: info@iconsfze.com .


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    • On average 5 tons each per world population
  • 6.8 billion people worldwide 2010 (heading to 9 billion)

Research & Development in the renewable energy sector to reduce energy prices in order to be twice as cheep. Energy miracle !

    • 6.8 billion people worldwide 2010
  • Of the above, about 2 billion are without energy
  • To reduce poverty the best solution is to lower the price of energy

Research & Development in the Food and Water industry.

Research & Development in the Waste To Energy (WTE) and Water Treatment sector.

Research & Development in the Green Construction sector (GECO).Expansion of Your future possibilities by funding, developing and engaging in new opportunities (Joint Ventures, Green field ventures, Projects, Tenders, etc.).

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