New World Class Exclusive Resort


First International


ICONS FZE – Innovative Concepts & Solutions

to carry out the feasibility study and pre-qualification of contractors and suppliers for the development, construction and management of a World Class Exclusive and Unique Resort Complex to be built in the Uinited Arab Emirates. A go to destination for unparalleled leisure and luxurious living.

The key elements that will identify the project and are also to be considered the milestones for the feasibility study are:

  • Identification of the most appropriate location for erecting the World Class Exclusive and Unique Resort Complex
  • Identification of Innovative Tourism and Marketing concepts
  • Identification of Innovative and attractive investment packages focused on a balanced approach of Real Estate investments, Tourism, Ownership, Cost free living and Eco friendly solutions
  • Utilization of the most modern Green Building Techniques
  • Utilization of zero emission, carbon free and environmental safeguarding technologies
  • Identification of the most appropriate Management organization
  • Identification of eventual local partners
  • Identification, pre-qualification and selection of suppliers, contractors and subcontractors

and any other requirement that ICONS FZE should deem necessary for achieving a state of the art, world class and successful – 5 Star World Class Exclusive and Unique Resort Complex.

The project will include 2,000 Waterfront Villa’s, Floating Villa’s, Luxury Hotels, Hotel apartments, Town Houses and Apartment units (in a complete harmonized project) on an estimated land extension of 100 Hectares. The 5 Star World Class Exclusive and Unique Resort Complex will also include Yacht Marinas, Sporting facilities, commercial areas, shopping centers and shopping malls, studied for appropriately serving the new community.

The architectural design and construction solutions of the buildings will be innovative and compliant to the latest green building specifications and of course reflect the maximum safety standards.

For the UAE region, the style will be Arabic and will distinguish itself for its simple, essential and unique local Arabic theme.

Along the side of the Arabic Style and Architecture, the Finishing will blend in the theme and reflect a comfortable living space with colours, lights, water themes and details that will leave the resident and / or visitor with a never ending memory of excellence and good taste.

The infrastructure will be designed to facilitate the residents and visitors with the right innovative services in order to reduce commutes to a minimum. The correct planning of the general services will be strategic to reach this goal. The road network will be designed to accommodate adequate service roads, mainstream roads and local roads. Water transportation will also be designed and given a priority over ground transportation wherever and whenever feasible.

An Authentic destination where people can live a real experience made of relaxation, enjoyment, history and culture. The visitors will enjoy the heritage combined with activities such as: watersports, from sailing and deep sea fishing to romantic cruises, waterskiing, scuba diving, kayaking, wind surfing, yachting, SPA’s, health care centers, beauty centers, relax and massage centers. Outdoor living all year round and great life by the water.

A fantastic life experience.