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To be the Service and Consulting Partner of choice for Business and Personal Wealth Development and Growth! Be the best catalyst and incubator for innovative ideas, projects, new services, concepts and solutions through its receptive capabilities and quest for excellence!

A friendly and welcoming environment for Individuals, Angel Investors, Funds, Clients, and Professionals who are seeking investment and growth opportunities Worldwide. Be able to offer individuals with ideas, perseverance  and determination a unique life changing opportunity. Build and offer our Clients a global platform structure for international business opportunities, geared with highly qualified professionals capable of supporting, guiding, planning and managing all business aspects related to Funding Company Start-up’s, Joint Ventures and Projects. All based on the foundations of a firm integrity, making wise decisions with clearly stated objectives, using a disciplined investment philosophy, privileging innovation, technology and independent research.


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Accomplished and dedicated executive, Master in Business Administration, with a proven ability to develop and implement expansion and growth strategies that support business and financial objectives. Expert in financial risks management, financial planning and data analysis. International citizen by experience and mindset, supported by an international professional curricula and background matured in the EU, USA, Middle East and Asia. Open minded, creative, adaptive, open to challenges, serious and pleasant. Positive attitude, proven track record of professionalism and perseverance in meeting expectations and objectives. Experienced in managing, growing and developing businesses, New-co, joint ventures in emerging markets or, in supporting consolidated companies that are engaged in change processes or delicate stages of restructuring, with the goal of bringing added value and success to the company. High knowledge and experience in mergers and acquisitions, SAP implementations, company disaster recovery, business management and motivational leadership. Firm believer that correct data is at the base of every good business decision he advocates for precise research and proper organization of record-keeping, as well as financial reporting. Carries a broad industry knowledge in various sectors from financial, technical, industrial to commercial, matured in the Financial segment, Investments and Financing, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency strategies, Waste To Energy, Waste Management, Environmental and Green (Eco & Green Sector projects), Waste Management Supply Chain, Information Technology (IT), Building, Energy Efficient Constructions and Finishing, Research and Development, Innovation and Engineering, Maritime Industry and business operations, international distribution and the banking sector. Respected industry Captain that treasures everybody’s trust and brings leading initiatives, investments and wellbeing in geographical areas where history, culture, traditions and religions are profoundly different. Full of initiative, determination, drive, passion, vision and promoter of “correct processes” as the roadmap forward for the achievement of goals and milestones. Recognized as an expert in applying twofold company competitive advantage strategies by providing superior services/products at competitive prices.