We shape the future by creating value for our Members, Investors, Partners and Clients by providing expert advice. Our unique approach is driven by a 3 step strategy that can be summarized in: Listening, Understanding and Advising. We pull from our specific niche experience, industry understanding, and problem solving abilities to offer valuable advice for our clients specific requirements. ICONS’ counts on a comprehensive worldwide experience and knowledge coming through our network of entrepreneurs, domain experts, industry veterans, premier law firms, venture capital resources, and strategic partners throughout the industries.

The professional expert advice exactly when and where you need it! ICONS’ is better referred to as Your “Mentor” opposed to “Advisory firm” or “Consultant”. Thanks to our quorum of expertise and competencies, our firm is committed to developing long-term Client relationships with our counseling, built on a foundation of ethics, service and trust. We are committed and fully dedicated to our Clients goals so they in turn can focus on creating a quality of life that reflects their deepest values.

We are actively engaged in a number of services which are specially aimed to cross border investments, “Foreign Direct Investment” and company expansion programs. Our duty is to inform, support, train, help manage and develop enterprises, companies or individuals skills that intend to invest in innovation, emerging markets and new technologies through:

  • Green field ventures
  • Business start-up consulting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project management
  • Business plans
  • Budget planning
  • Business Accelerator Engagement & Support
  • Finance consulting
  • Equity finance consulting
  • Non-refundable grants consulting
  • Joint Venture consulting
  • Business Partners identification & consulting
  • International Business Network consulting
  • Strategic industrial & commercial advice
  • Due Diligence execution
  • Developing Foreign Market Entry Strategies
  • Identification of the appropriate strategic alliance partners
  • Identification of investors, funds or resources
  • Investment consulting
  • Identification of existing competitors
  • Market analysis
  • Business management & consulting
  • Marketing research and consultancies
  • Career development consulting
  • Commercial information

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Your message will be directed to the appropriate department and our qualified personnel will promptly respond to your request.