Bahrain to redevelop its shoreline

November 2009

ICONS CONSULTING: Bahrain to redevelop its shoreline

Bahrain is set to turn its coasts into a network of public corniches, it was announced at the Water Front Development Conference on Sunday.


The corniches will run around the country’s shoreline and offer coastal walks, shopping and restaurant promenades. Bahrain’s Municipalities and Agriculture Affairs minister Juma Al Ka’abiit told delegates that at least half of all future coastal developments will be devoted to public beaches and amenities.

“Many cities all over the world are improving their waterfronts, making them the most attractive parts of their urban development, something we also have in mind,” he said.

Diyar Al Muharraq CEO Aaref Hejres chaired the first day of the event, which concludes today.

The conference hosts delegates from around the world, and focuses on examining the best practices, design solutions and technology in this sector of the real estate industry, in the wake of the increasing number of waterfront developments being constructed in the region.

So far, the event has attracted over 200 delegates representing international and local organisations in the real estate and urban development sector.