Q:     Why do I have to pay the PLATINUM-Funding Subscription Admin Fee?

A:     The PLATINUM-Funding subscription admin fee is intended to contribute to admin charges related to the project / funding-request submission and registration. However, it is not the reason for its implementation. Being such an insignificant amount, the main purpose for its introduction is to test the grounds of commitment of the requesting party (The Proponent). In the PLATINUM-Funding-committee view, if the admin fee is creating a barrier for the submission, the assumption is that the project / funding-request is most likely not worth pursuing as The Proponent is not ready to commit for it with pocket change. In this case, it is the PLATINUM-Funding-committee view that the amount of work, time and resources required to evaluate the submitted proposals are better spent with project / funding requests that The Proponents are committed to and have the determination to stand for.

Q:     How do I register with Icons website?

A:     To register with Icons website is quick, simple and easy. Visit the following registration link and take a minute to fill in the registration template in order for us to give you a better service in return. This membership is completely FREE OF CHARGE and it instantly unfolds to a new world of opportunity. Once you have registered, please check your e-mail box for our notification of Your username and password. You will be kindly asked to confirm your registration by connecting to a “Confirm Registration” link. For more information on the the benefits of registering please Click here.