With ICONS PLATINUM; our Investment and Business Accelerator Engagement & Support Program, we have been given an International Mandate for seeking new ideas, opportunities for growth and Iconic projects for our Investor Clients. We are in search of excellence!

No matter if you are a Professional, an Employee, a Student, an Entrepreneur, a Freelance or if you represent a Company or a SME. We are looking for individuals with ideas and dreams to realize. This program is on “invitation-only basis”. It is reserved to people that qualify for the program or who will receive an invitation by a sponsor or by ICONS PLATINUM directly. Find out more on how to get your invitation by visiting:  Who can apply for funds?

This project is for YOU!

ASK! – We are here to help!

  • PLATINUM represents funding resources for entrepreneurs in the form of “NON-REFUNDABLE GRANTS” (Also check out: “EQUITY FINANCE” and “FINANCING”).
  • We are seeking new ideas, opportunities for growth and Iconic projects for our Investor Clients.
  • Our mission is to create a dynamic international environment of entrepreneur-driven-innovation by facilitating the commercialization of technology-based products, business ideas, innovative concepts & solutions and services.
  • We are currently selecting the best projects and ideas to work with in this period.
  • Our funding program enables individuals with ideas, small & medium enterprises, professionals, entrepreneurs, and companies to move quickly through their life-cycle.
  • From an initial idea to business formation, proof of concept, marketability and commercialization. ICONS PLATINUM team is there through all stages of start-up development.
  • The most innovative and qualifying ideas will receive their funding in the form of a “NON-REFUNDABLE GRANT” and can avail of ICONS PLATINUM support in consulting and business development.
  • No asset guarantee required upon approval of business projects and ideas.

We have only a limited number of “non-refundable grants” allocations available. Rank yourself now to get the “first row” attention. Others have already taken up this opportunity and are realizing their objectives. Look up our website  under our “PLATINUM-Funding” section to find out more. At this very moment at least one thousand selected people, professionals or companies are reading this message and participating. We welcome your application. Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Don’t miss the next date.

ICONS continues to innovate in order to keep ahead of the changes as it seeks new opportunities for growth and iconic project developments for its Clients in the United Arab Emirates and international markets. For our investors ICONS represents a light to follow on the track to successful investments and growth.

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