Our goals & objectives

We consider ourselves stewards of our Members and Clients’ Business and Personal Development. A “Wealth Development” Service and Consulting Corporation. Our motivation is always to protect and serve our Members and Clients’ best interests. We recognize the importance of our fiduciary role and do everything in  our power to earn the trust of our Members and Clients’. Our long-lasting trustworthy reputation has awarded ICONS an International Mandate for seeking new ideas, opportunities for growth and Iconic projects for our Members and Investor Clients.

For screening potential projects or business ideas to be funded we have introduced “ICONS PLATINUM” a unique funding program and Business Accelerator Engagement & Support program. The mission of ICONS PLATINUM is to create a dynamic international environment of entrepreneur-driven innovation by facilitating the commercialization of technology-based products, innovative concepts & solutions, new ideas and services. We are currently selecting the best projects and ideas to work with in this period. We also evaluate financing for restructuring companies in strategic market sectors. Our funding program enables individuals with ideas, small & medium enterprises, professionals, entrepreneurs, and companies to move quickly through their lifecycle. From an initial idea to business formation, proof of concept, marketability and commercialization, ICONS PLATINUM team is there through all stages of start-up development. PLATINUM provides funding packages starting from $500k-$750k-$1M, with syndicated financing ranging up to the project requirements. The most innovative and qualifying ideas will receive their funding in the form of a “NOT REFUNDABLE GRANT”. We further distinguish ourselves in the following ways:

Client Focus:

We limit our focus to our Members and a Unique Clientele that embrace action and change for their growth and development. An open-minded international platform of individuals committed to success! Business owners, corporations, individuals, executives and professionals that aim to excel and stand out from the crowd, driven by the desire to accomplish everything that one can. The realization of one’s full potential! That focus allows us to provide superior, meaningful and value-added service.

Education & Information:

With a fiduciary responsibility to educate you on the path that you undertake and  the investments you own, we ensure you are an active participant in the process and are fully informed on the rationale behind the decisions that are being made.

Personal service:

We have purposefully built our business model to address and serve a selected Clientele made of Members and  Clients.  This way we have privileged a higher level of personal service and attention to address requirements. We have chosen this path to allow our Members and Clients more value and benefits. We value quality over quantity!

Peace of mind:

Devote your time and effort to the things you are passionate about – family, career, hobbies – because by working with us, your future and your assets are monitored and your decisions guided.

What makes us unique… Amongst our primary goals and objectives, we endeavor to:

  • Provide world class management & consultancy services;
  • Achieve 100 % customer satisfaction;
  • Identify emerging markets and business opportunities and liaison with Clients;
  • Steer & guide Investors interest towards emerging markets;
  • Enable funding and provide fundraising support;
  • Have a comprehensive and united focus in line with medium long term Government plans and Clients strategic objectives;
  • Build strong business assets for Clients – through brand building, licensing and utilization of “Icons” activities, services, events and attracted enterprises;
  • Coach enterprises towards achievement of objectives and success;
  • Build a Global platform of International business opportunities;
  • Enable personal development and growth;
  • Enable Career enhancement and Job improvement paths!