Our research

At ICONS INTERNATIONAL GROUP, sound business and wealth development, skilled investment management and innovation are the cornerstones of our work. Recognizing the importance of an unbiased perspective, we maintain an extensive independent research effort that brings meaningful value to the management of Members and Clients assets, catering to growth and development objectives.

Our highly-trained and experienced research analysts work diligently within our proprietary investment process using the broad range of technological resources at their disposal. Today’s global economy represents a broad array of possibilities and our capabilities encompass numerous classes and industries.

Understanding the market and the potential positive impact for our investors in making the right choices for Capital Ventures, Joint Ventures, Projects, Acquisitions and New Company setup’s is crucial to our mission. Understanding and recognizing the impact of investor behavior on securities prices, is more important than ever to achieving successful long-term results, particularly in this era of ubiquitous market information. At Icons International Group, we have built a research facility dedicated to maintaining an independent perspective. When our work finds us at odds with the consensus thinking, the commitment to our process gives us the discipline needed to stay the course and act on our convictions.

Our research team uses an array of data sources and proprietary investment models, they screen a large universe of issues for desirable characteristics. By breaking down the common barriers of entry, such as lack of information and sheer number of potential investments many investors have overlooked in their fields, they are able to identify distinct sets of opportunities for our Clients.

On the cutting edge, with the introduction of “ICONS PLATINUM”, a unique funding program and Business Accelerator Engagement & Support program, ICONS strives to identify and screen the best business investment ideas. The mission of ICONS PLATINUM is to create a dynamic international environment of entrepreneur-driven innovation by facilitating the commercialization of technology-based products, innovative concepts & solutions and services. We are currently selecting the best projects and ideas to work with in this period.