Roma Ocean World 2009 -2013

ICONS CONSULTING: Roma Ocean World 2009 -2013



A unique event and promotional opportunity for the United Arab Emirates!

The initiative finds its origins as the “Roma Ocean World 2009 – 2013”, around the world trip with no stops in “solitaire”.  From Rome to Rome, through the Strait of Gibraltar, Cape of Good Hope, circumnavigating the South Pole, Cape Horn, Gibraltar, to finally return to the Italian capital.

Navigating for conquering the new World Record of crossing between the oceans in solitary, along the routes of the ancient navigators and the most famous adventurers. A route around the world circumnavigating the globe without the benefit of any shortcut, addressing each latitude, on a modern and ecological boat, but according to ancient rites of the sea and at the mercy of its whims.

A prestigious adventure that will be completed only through an unprecedented preparation, where every detail is studied so that a lone sailor can accomplish the enterprise. An effort that requires constant training that has already started over one year ago and will continue for four more years!

A fight almost exhausting but vigorous, non-stop, unassisted, a race against time to circle the world in less than 80 days.

And as in past times, when going to sea meant having reverential respect of the events and the natural elements, also today we are designing and building a boat totally and completely innovative and ecological. A new design of Class40 boat, the first boat of its kind, equipped to navigate without assistance but with the maximum security. Everything will be done to bring autonomy, speed and security in a project thought and based on the total respect for the environment. The Class 40 Este NV, in fact, presents itself to the market at a time when matters around energy and climate, in the world, seem to mortgage heavily the image of the future, and wants to be a small sign on the new cultural road of renewable energy.

One aim of this undertaking is also to travel around the world on a craft that respects the environment, where the power required for the technological equipment for navigation, although modern and safe, is still without emissions and compatible for every need.

A conceptually new sailing boat will be designed and built according to patents that will allow the most advanced and best exploitation of wind energy, solar and hybrid energy.

The intention is to involve in the project different research programs, implemented by a commitment to inform and create awareness, but above all to propose concrete solutions to combat pollution. This remarkable initiative will help to focus further attention of the public and businesses on the environment issue and develop one step further the efficiencies of current renewable energies like solar, wind and hybrids. The task will be to test new systems, even at sea and perhaps in extreme conditions, so that they can then be applied in the industry and marketed to a large consumer audience.

It is difficult to summarize such a unique and unprecedented undertaking in only a few words, it is also difficult to underline in a few words the courage, the expertise, the know how and the bravery of a great world champion behind this initiative: Matteo Miceli.

Matteo Miceli will conquer a new world record and the Sponsor can conquer it in turn to make it become an unprecedented event capable of capturing the worlds attention and respect. An initiative that match’s perfectly with the needs of putting a project or location on center stage. In times of financial crunch’s an initiative that offers great returns with modest investments, extended but not limited to:

  • A long publicity period that will last 4 years. Matteo Miceli will spend the next 3 years training and participating to national and international racing events, thus providing sponsors and partners constant, pervasive and successful visibility
  • Attaching the Sponsors brand to an enterprise that has a World Wide resonance
  • A promotion and communication plan that has as testimonial a world multi Champion for Atlantic  crossings – Matteo Miceli
  • A project that will lead with cutting edge technology, sustainability and renewable energy in the Maritime Industry
  • A project that will deliver new industry standards and opportunity for production of new solutions

A light for the world to follow for sustainability, renewable energy and innovation in the Maritime Industry. A message of strength, innovation and leadership from the Sponsor. The initiative will be constantly followed by a thorough and continuous communication campaign that will follow every single preparation detail and event leading to the “Gran Finale”. A comprehensive preparation schedule of National and International events, leading to the Gran Finale, that will guarantee exposure.

The events:

  • “La Grande Motte – Tunisi – La Grande Motte”
  • “Route du Rhum – Sainto Malo / Guadalupe”
  • “The Transat (Ostar) – Plymouth / Newport (Rhode Island)”
  • “Transat Jacques Vabre (Route du Cafè) – Le Havre / Salvador de Bahia”
  • “Regata dei Cetacei”
  • “Romax2”
  • “Corsica per due”
  • “1000 Vele Garibaldi”
  • “Giraglia Rolex Cup”
  • “Moby Giraglia”
  • “Carthago dilecta Est”
  • “Palermo – Monte Carlo”
  • “Trofeo Florio”
  • “Middle sea race Rolex cup”.

Matteo Miceli has asked Icons to identify Sponsors that are willing to contribute to the development of this important project and add bilateral value to it. His desire is to link this important project to an initiative in the United Arab Emirates. A golden opportunity for bringing together Rome (the ancient and eternal City) and a young emerging reality like the UAE.

Matteo Miceli’s team and Icons welcome sponsors that could benefit from this unique unprecedented proposition.

For more info please e-mail or download the full information from our Companies Download section.