With ICONS PLATINUM funding is made quick and easy.

At ICONS we understand that obtaining funding for a start-up is crucial for business growth. Access to financial resources to assist with operational needs such as consultants, payroll, equipment, technology deployment and commercialization efforts is critical to business growth. Our team can help you navigate the funding and incentive programs offered to qualified businesses or simply business ideas. Once started, we facilitate the commercialization of our Clients services and production through our selected and qualified industry network. A guaranteed customer database for the success of the business ventures. We also evaluate financing for restructuring companies in strategic market sectors.

PLATINUM provides funding packages starting from US$ 500k – US$ 750k – US$ 1M, with syndicated financing ranging up to the project requirements.

Average Annual Interest Rates (AIR) are depending on investment risk, duration of funding required, location of project and business sector. Average Annual Interest Rate (or Return On Investment for short term loans) for investors will be proposed during the application process and will be notified to the project owner upon approval of the funding. For reference, the average interest rate for a business loan varies depending on your qualification as a borrower and the type of loan you’re applying for. In 2018, loans from traditional lenders, such as banks or credit unions, can have estimated annual percentage rates (APRs) ranging from 4% to 13%, while alternative or online loans can have estimated APRs starting from 7% upwards. The type of loan you apply for will affect the interest rate.

Funding can also be acquired against equity share with a opportunity of partnering with worldwide number one strategic partners and angel investors.

The most innovative and qualifying ideas will receive their funding in the form of a “NON-REFUNDABLE GRANT” and can avail of all the ICONS PLATINUM support in consulting and business development services extended but not limited to business acceleration services, talent identification and recruiting, education and networking. Each resource contributes to a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem. Most importantly, once approved, no asset guarantee is required upon approval of business projects and ideas.

There is no magic around success. The bridge between a dream and reality is to decide to take action and work on it. Decide to succeed! – Realize your ideal!

This program is on “invitation-only basis”. It is reserved to people that qualify for the program or who will receive an invitation by a sponsor or by ICONS PLATINUM directly. Find out more on how to get your invitation by visiting: Who can apply for funds?

To be a winner you have to think like a winner. We look forward to helping you realize your dreams and support your success.

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